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Your Instructor : Kiwana Joseph

Being in the art world for over thirteen years, has given me a good base to work with different art mediums ranging from watercolor all the way to acrylic paints. This has seen my latest paintings displayed at the Uganda High Commission in Malaysia.

The fluidity in watercolor has enabled me to experiment with a wide spectrum of colors, creating paintings that are full of vibrant colors and above all express freedom in character.

The joy in this journey, cultivated by the process of painting, creates an altitude of creativity and freedom, an aspect that can be seen in all of the classes shared with you. The need to express one's creativity in a vibrant and free flow nature is how your works will be perceived after the classes.

All about this course!

In watercolor painting, we desire is to do something more than a photo can achieve. In this course, I will introduce you to the techniques and applications for using watercolor in your creative pursuits, giving you the freedom to express your works with a sense of originality and character.

The struggle happens in learning how to release the reference photo, when painting as a beginner therefore in this course we will explore composition generation before we paint unlocking our individual style and expression. This will be done through a three (3) part module program that will each consist of three (3) chapters. In each of the modules, the chapters will consist of with:-

Chapter 1: This will be an introduction to four (4) water color techniques.

Chapter 2: Exploring the utilization of the techniques from chapter 1 to create (3) three individual compositions. A bonus lesson of composition in drawing will be given to show you the thinking process before the painting is made.

Chapter 3: will be a final project where we will combine these techniques into one final composition. A bonus lesson of composition in drawing will be given to show you the thinking process before the painting is made.

Covered in the course modules:

Module 1: A module primarily focusing on the subject matter of plants, butterflies and forests is specifically designed to let you explore the possibilities in watercolor, inspire and unlock your passion in the medium along side lessons in drawing composition.

Module 2: A module tailored to utilize the water color techniques in exploring the seascapes and how different light moods affect them along side lessons in drawing composition.

Module 3: A module compounded with a final graduation project of a parrot painting to boost your creativity through technique explorations ushering you into the water color universe along side lessons in drawing composition.

Module 1: Plants, Butterflies & forests

Explorations in, Watercolor Techniques, Brush Techniques and Composition buildups.

Module 2: Seascapes

Explorations in, Watercolor techniques along side environment mood paintings of a Night mood, Sunset mood, Cloudy sky's and a Countryside painting

Module 3: A Parrot's World

Explorations in Watercolor & Brush Techniques, Color Explorations, Composition layering and Drawing Techniques.

Lets get started in the Watercolor-Verse

What do I need to take this course?

• Watercolor paper : We don't want our new painting medium to buckle, warp, or be fragile, thus we use 300gsm very thick paper.

• Pencil and eraser: Using a 2H and HB pencil ensures light lines that won't bleed through your paint. Harder pencils generate a mass of graphite that may impair your painting.

• Watercolor paint : Any decent grade watercolor paints available locally. For novices, pan paints are preferable over rube paints since they last longer and are ideal for tiny and medium sized works.

• Paint brushes : Any local decent quality watercolor paints. The pan paints are better for little and medium sized works and they tend to last longer than the tube paints for beginners.

• Masking tape : This is critical to be able to hold you work down and keep it stable from moving all over the place.

• Mixing palette : That holds water, which helps color mixing. For pan paints, it may not be needed. Plastic is preferable.

• Paper towel or absorbent rug : When we're painting with watercolor, it's essential to have some sort of rag or paper towel on hand in order to lift paint and/or create certain effects.

• Scrap pieces of water color paper: Test your paint mixes before applying them to your final works. You can check the transparency levels. Remember that watercolor paintings cannot be easily fixed, so they require additional care and planning.

• Glass or plastic container: Some watercolorists work with two or three watercolor cups/glass jars. This ensures cleaner water throughout the painting process, which is essential!

What students are saying about this class:

"I'm going to try painting my own subjects in watercolor right now. I learned a lot from your videos, and I love the fluidity with which you handle the medium."
Patricia, Colorado, USA

"This is incredible...your quite an artist."
Tomson J

I am glad a friend recommended this watercolor course. It's a simple course and well planned, that has worked well for me. Truly Recommend.
Ahana Sudashan, India

"This watercolor course was the best financial investment I've ever made in my career. It offered me a realistic perspective of the artworld in relation to exploring my creativity and passion. Amidst the pandemic worries, this was given me a challenge to develop a talent that I never knew I had . I am extremely appreciative for this opportunity. Joseph is an incredible instructor who has motivated me to pursue my ambition that I have recently discovered."
Jean Aabidah

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